Thursday, November 4, 2010

Free Safelink Phone

I only make about 20K per year which is considered poverty by the government. I also have to support my wife and kids on this income. This makes living very difficult. I have to provide food and shelter and many times the money just comes up short. I have applied to several government programs to make life easier for our family. For example, I applied for the food stamps and a housing voucher. Recently, I also applied for a free Safelink phone.

Through this program, our family was able to get a free cell phone which is sponsored by the government. This Safelink phone service has been a blessing to our family. Our home currently does not have phone service so we are unable to make calls or get calls. This has been a problem for us because we are unable to conduct business. We could not even open a bank account because the application requires us to provide a home phone number.

We applied for the Safelink cell phones by going to the Safelink Wireless website. We searched to see whether our state has this program. Luckily it did. So we submitted an application. I had to provide documents proving our household income before I could get a phone. But other than that the Safelink phone application was easy enough.

Through this Safelink phones service not only do we get a free cell phone, but we also get free minutes. Of course there is a limit on the minutes. We only get about an hour of airtime. I think this is plenty for what we need. Most of our calls are business related. We hardly ever use the phone to chit chat. I really appreciate this program though. One time our car broke down on the road and we had to call for help. With the cell phone it was easy to do. I shudder to think what would have happened had we not had the cell phone. For those who are on Medicaid like some of our friends, you get these Medicaid phones by showing them documents that prove you are on Medicaid.